e-Tech Simulation

The training is simulated

the skills are real


e-Tech Simulation is dedicated to the design, development, and manufacturing of simulators as a method of training for both apprentices and experienced personnel, helping them improve their performance and ultimately the performance of the company.
e-Tech Simulation has one of the world’s largest portfolios of simulation solutions. With a physical presence in diferent countries, and a sales presence in many more, this company has helped many countries to adopt and implement advanced simulation technologies in the endeavor of resolving the training, education, productivity, and safety needs.
From its headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida and its facilities across the Americas, e-Tech Simulation designs, develops, and manufactures all simulators personalized to meet each client’s individual requests. This includes personalization from the controls to the electronics of the simulator, solely based upon the needs of the client. Depending upon the requirements of the client and their geographical location, assembly takes place in either the USA, Brazil, and/or Colombia, keeping in mind the development of training systems that will produce optimal results for the entity dependent upon us.


The core mission of e-Tech Simulation is to get to know our customers very closely in order to provide true, cutting-edge technological solutions that meet current and future needs. To accomplish this, we have a strategic presence in various countries, an innovative workforce and futuristic designs of our products and services. These comparative advantages translate into projects that exceed the objectives of our customers and the responsibilities of our company and partners.


To lead by creating a better working environment with innovative solutions for education and training, oriented to the safety, productivity, success, and satisfaction of both our company and its customers.