We offer a complete training system, in a safe environment, that includes a platform to develop the required skills for drone piloting. Within the options, the system includes a simulator, ground station, LMS e-Learning platform with theory and applied STEAM modules, and a real drone.

Using the simulator in training, the pilot has at his/her disposal a gradual pedagogical process that goes from basic knowledge and operation to complex task and missions. The Drone Simulation System can be used to perfect the operation of experienced pilots.

Drone Simulator’s main features

  • Aircraft Autopilot
  • Ground Control Station (GCS)
  • Different Types of Aircraft
  • Real Flight Control Virtual Interface
  • Different Types of Sensors
  • Different Scenarios
  • Virtual Reality
  • Different Types of Controls
  • Geo-specific and Geo-typic Areas
  • Multi-application


  • Standard
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality

Our Ground Control Station

ETECH’s Simulation Drone Simulator System is developed based on a real equipment physics and specs and also considers external factors such as wind, altitude, and gravity among others. These reflect on how the pilot controls the Drone and provide a realistic flying experience.

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