Simulates a 13,000 kg wheel loader with a 4-speed transmission and all-wheel-drive. It recreates the scoop controls, arms, radio transmission and all the motor features. It includes a quick coupler that allows the trainee to change the work tools in real time. The simulator has a vibration system that replicates the movements of the real life machine and an LMI –touch screen display that shows the main operation indicators.


The exercises are designed based on a progressive learning process in order to guide the beginners as well as the most experimented operators through basic exercises up to more complex operations.

During the exercises the instructor can change the date and day time setup (the simulator will recreate the correct shadows depending on the daytime), as well as weather changes among others. The simulator generates a report after each exercise and the instructor can review the exercise with the trainee after each practice.


The simulator has different exercises such as:

  • Controls familiarization
  • Load and unload
  • Load and cargo movement
  • Digging
  • Truck load
  • Cargo operations
  • Skills challenge