e-Tech´s Premium Hydraulic Excavator Simulator recreates a 36 ton real- life Excavator. The simulator uses real control levers and a LMI (Touch display) that shows the status of the Excavator (arm position and RPM among other features). Simulates the scoop, arm and boom controls as well as the cabin rotation.

The simulator includes a vibration system that replicates the movements of the real life machine. Our simulator recreates with high fidelity the hydraulic systems, cables and slings as well as the collisions with other objects inside the work site and the real-life machine sounds. The simulator can be set up for ISO or SAE.


The simulator includes International Certification exercises.

The exercises are designed based on a progressive learning system in order to guide the trainee up from the basic operations up to the more complex ones.

The trainees will perform different operations with the excavator such as: arm control, cargo movement, digging and controls familiarization.
During the exercises the instructor can add equipment failures, change the date and day time setup (the simulator will recreate the correct shadows depending on daytime), as well as weather changes among others. The simulator generates a report after each exercise and the instructor can review the exercise with the trainee after each practice.


The simulator has different exercises such as:

  • Controls familiarization
  • Arc movement
  • Cargo Load and unload
  • Test Weight Course
  • Pipe positioning
  • Rodeo
  • Multiple drilling and casing position
  • Load from a bench
  • Trenching