What is CloudLabs?

We turn tablets and computers into sophisticated laboratories! CloudLabs Virtual STEM offers learning, training, practice, games and motivation for our future STEM professionals of the 21st century.



Why use CloudLabs?

We focus on teaching real lab skills for students

There is a huge savings on equipment and materials

We mitigate the need for contact and risk of accidents

CloudLabs in Action

We partnered with Schoogle in India to provide CloudLabs to a portion of their thousands of students. We were happy to hear of the positive feedback and look forward to continuing our partnership with Schoogle!

Join our Happy Clients

I was floored when I first tried out CloudLabs! I truly view CloudLabs as a 21st century solution to a problem that has persisted many school districts: How do we maximize cost-effectiveness while still providing quality education to students?

Renee Willis

Superintendent, Richmond Heights Local Schools

CloudLabs has allowed Schoogle to provide many of our students with the opportunity to access real labs and gain real-world lab skills that would have been otherwise unavailable for them. This is something that has truly added value to our instruction capabilities.

Dr. Anu Ashok

Founder, Schoogle

We look forward to using CloudLabs as a way to provide our students with high-fidelity science practices in a virtual sphere! CloudLabs differentiates us from our competition and allows our students to gain real lab skills at the comfort of their home, coffee shop or where ever they access our courses.

Timothy Irvine

Department Head - Science, Health & Physical Education, Virtual High School

Who has CloudLabs Impacted?

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