The Backhoe Simulator recreates a generic loader with an operating mass of 7,730 kg. It is powered by a 108 horsepower engine with a four-speed power-shift transmission. It simulates real work sites, different times of day and month, as well as weather conditions. From the seat the operator has a view that accurately matches the view from inside a real backhoe loader of similar size.


To complete each exercise, the operator must achieve each of the objectives of the exercise. The trainee is able to see the goals and objectives of each exercise in real time until he or she completes them. Some goals examples are:

  • Controls familiarization.
  • Learn the proper technique to fill the bucket to capacity .
  • Learn the relationship between hydraulics and engine power when scooping material.
  • Learn the basic movements inside the working site.


The simulator has the following exercises:

  • Basic Controls
  • Loading and unloading the trailer
  • Load and Carry
  • Trenching
  • Truck loading
  • Load handling
  • Skills Challenge