The simulator accurately recreates all the mechanics and physics of the Articulated Boom Truck operations, such as the crane swing and the arm movement among others.

It includes different work sites such as railroads, the simulator recreates accurately the shadows inside the virtual environment depending on the light and day time. The instructor can setup the daytime and weather conditions during each practice.


The simulator includes International Certification exercises.
To complete each exercise the trainee must accomplish all the objectives proposed in each practice. The goals and objectives for each exercise can be seen on real time while the operator reaches them. Some goals are:

  • Manipulate the machine in a specific order
  • Hook an specific object
  • Complete the CCO course stages

The exercises are organized by increasing difficulty starting from moving the hook to the truck, up to moving heavy blocks from one location to another one.


The simulator has different exercises such as:

  • RWP1 Placement of the hook: Lifting and Oscillation
  • 2RWP2 Blocks stacking
  • RWP3 Loading and Unloading blocks
  • RWP4 CCO certification course – CCO
  • RWP5 Railroad, highway and road service practice
  • RWP6 Free mode practice