Simulation is the investment in training that has the best ROI because it is recovered in a very short period of time.

ETECH remains at the forefront of technology and offers simulators in different types of configurations for all budgets.


Type of Simulators

Standard Simulators
Due to its low costs, they are used in massive training lab-type classrooms with 10 or more «trainers» simultaneously.

CBT – Computer Based Training
Simulations in which the software and portable-heavy-duty controls
Sound and digital audio
Compatible with immersive visual systems
Very low maintenance cost
SimManager instructor software within the student’s station
Intermediate Simulators
Advanced Simulators
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Intermediate Simulators
Because their cost/benefit ratio (price/learning), they have the best ROI. Controls, joysticks, buttons, chair, pedals, steering wheel, and in general the main components are original equipment manufacturer.

High ROI
More immersive hardware and software
OEM and/or customized controls
Instructor station with SimManager administrator software and printing station
Stereo and ambiance sound
Different visual opcions
Stereoscopic visual option – 3D Tracking System
2 or 3 DOF Motion Platform
Low maintenance cost

Advanced Simulators
Maximum immersion and technology, ideal for institutions and training departments where only the most advanced systems are used. 

Replica controls and chair custom-made to each equipment
Original Joysticks – OEM
Cabin to simulate identical working environment
Visual System from 180 to 360 degrees, spherical immersion
6 DOF Motion Platform
Computers Rack
Network connection for external instructors
Video Cameras
Home Theatre sound of 5 points
Instructor Station with printing system

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality



  • No waste of consumables
  • No hours of use of the real equipment
  • Train several operators at the same time
  • Prevent accidents and property damages
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Save on equipment maintenance
  • Excelent return on investment (ROI)


  • Keep the use of real equipment on production tasks
  • Increase the useful life of real equipment
  • Enhance operators’ skills to dramatically increase productivity
  • Shorten the learning curve
  • Train on multi-machines and multi-missions
  • Facilitate the development of muscle memory
  • Improve the knowledge of the workforce
  • Improve the corporate image
  • Accessible 24/7


  • Practice the correct procedures in emergencies
  • Reduce the risks of damage and accidents
  • Train in a safe environment
  • Reduce apprentice anxiety
  • Learn safety operating procedures following international standards
  • Develop skills for work in adverse conditions
  • Afer training centers


  • No toxic emissions
  • Energy saving
  • Enverionmentally friendly training system